Talking Tech: Rehearsal Aids

Learning lines can be a time-consuming drudge chore and you’ll quickly run out of non-theater friends if you keep recruiting them to run lines with you.  But there are some very effective tech tools available that can help you learn lines, songs, dance steps and more and chances are you have at least one of them already!


  • Rehearsal 2 (for iPhone): This has got to be one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen. For $19.99 in the iTunes App Store, Rehearsal 2 will rip your PDF scripts ($1.99 per script or $19.99/mo) to their servers and then you can highlight your lines, blackout your lines, record your lines, record other lines, rehearse scenes with your recorded lines included or excluded, add annotations and stage notes, and upload and e-mail voice auditions to your agent! Now where’s that Android version?
  • ScenePartner: Upload your script to ScenePartner and SP will rip it into scenes and acts. Then practice your lines with a bunch of different voice and cue options. ScenePartner has partnered with Dramatists Play Service to give you access to a full library of e-Scripts all rendered and ready for rehearsing. It’s available for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch for $4.99 from the iTunes store.
  • Voice Recorder: if you’re on a limited budget or don’t have an iPhone, here’s a simple, free alternative to Rehearsal 2, the Voice Recorder app built into your phone. Record your scenes with your lines and then record another version without your lines. Now while you’re hanging out or driving around, playback your recordings, practicing your voicings and characterizations, taking care to not drive off the road! It’s simple, fast, effective and available on just about every smart phone in existence.


  • Spotify: if you need to quickly find a song to use as an audition piece or just need to know what something sounds like, we haven’t found anything faster than Spotify. Search Big River and you’ll have the soundtrack at your fingertips instantly. Twenty hours per month are free on your computer but you’ll have to cough up $9.99/month to have Spotify on your mobile device(s).
  • Amazon Cloud Player: if you’re willing to pay for a song that you need to practice, Amazon makes the whole process easy. Find your tune in their store, buy it, save it up to the Amazon Cloud Player and voila – you now have your audition piece on every device that you own! Practice in the car, at the pizza place, or in the shower with your new waterproof iPad!
  • iTunes: yeah, iTunes libraries can be a hassle and sometimes you just can’t get that song to play on anything else but with the new iCloud service, iTunes mobility is getting better and is certainly part of your arsenal if you’re an Apple only gigger. And sometimes iTunes has things you just can’t find at Amazon!
  • Riff Master Pro: slow down that riff or part of a song that you just can’t figure out and you’ll have it mastered in no time. Riff Master Pro won’t change the pitch of what you’re practicing and is available for Windows, Mac, and iStuff for $49.

More to Come!